1. Strategic Partnership and Business Development

Finding the right distribution partners in a new market is a major challenge in the pharmaceutical and related industries and firms experience, especially a start-up one, so the strategic partnership with the right business partner is the core of outstanding business success. We will make you find the right one through our strong international network of partners and distributors in each local market in the MEA. Your product/service will have immediate access by partnering with the right distributor.

Our international distributor and market selection service will help you:

  • Define the most potential market
  • Identify the most potential partner
  • Assess the potential and risks of each market
  • Reduce the risks of new market entry

Strategic partnership Process

  • Based on a memorandum of understanding we start Partner search using your company Non-Confidential information
  • Make a Shortlist of target potential distrusters
  • Contact target potential ones on your behalf
  • Coordinate meetings with interested companies and follow up
  • Assist in negotiating commercial conditions in the agreements
  • We identify and bring potential partners to our clients and engineer strategic partnerships from strategy through to execution
The advantage of the strategic partnership

  • Get instant market access, or at least speed your entry into a new market
  • Exploit new opportunities to strengthen your position in a market where you already have a foothold
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Develop new products for the new markets
  • Minimize your cost and lower the risk
  • Enlarge your distribution channels
  • Enhance your image in the world marketplace

2. Under-licensing and Private label

We help you to expand your business through creating a new distribution network and deal with many companies within you chain of supply. This will open your business to new marketplaces in the MEA region.

Find the strategic partner and creating a reasonable and enforceable agreement can help you to expand your business while protecting your intellectual property rights

Private label
To bring more success to your business we can help you to establish , review and implement a meaningful private label relationship including the protection and license of the underlying brand name and intellectual property

3. Business Representation Services

Ibgate provides one-stop representation services to Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, Medical device, and Consumer healthcare companies. Heading in a new market is very much like a start-up situation. There is no "one strategy" for all MEA markets. MEA countries have their own ways of doing business, but there are also many similarities in business among the countries. Learning local rules of business is probably the first key to successful market entry. Our industry specialized team provides expert advice and support for our clients to develop localized strategies.

Representation Services:
Following successful completion of strategic partnership, we provide our clients with representation and office services to ensure long-term business success:

  • Local business partners relationship management.
  • Potential customer network building.
  • Trade Shows, Professional Societies and Conferences presence, preparation and follow-up.
  • Sales & marketing support.
  • Regulatory affairs.
  • Provide written status report by monthly and telephone/web – conferencing when needed
  • Conduct meetings to explain the above monthly status report and discuss next month's action plan.
  • Provide any necessary communication support between you and your business partners.

How we do our services

We do our services in two ways:

1- Commercial
Helping clients maximize commercial value by assisting with the product launch, marketing, sales, and market access.

2- Operational
Using our operations expertise to drive performance, increase revenue, and enhance the bottom line.

An optional service we offer

Centralized warehouse

To ensure an efficient service that satisfies our partners and clients requirements. We offer like cross-docking, order fulfillment, mixing the products, packaging etc. Our distribution center acts as regional warehouse used to store the right quantity of your products in the place at right time.

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