About Us

ApoMedika is a growing consulting firm that offers innovative solutions for companies working on the pharmaceutical and health care industries in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).
We strongly focus on the pharmaceutical and health care related business development. All our team members have decades of experience and proven track record in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer health, and related industries. We will help you establish a network of international distributors in the MEA region.

Our professionals in each local market will identify and evaluate the right distribution partner, negotiate and make the deal closure.

Our Mission

We are delivering professional and consistent services to your business to get long-term success. We will always introduce powerful solutions and investment opportunities to our clients.

Our Vision

To be a valued partner to our clients specialized in pharmaceutical, health care and related industries in the MEA region, providing reliable solutions and resources, and always achieving the best result.

Our Team

Each member of the team at the ApoMedika brings global perspective and experience, diversity in thought and culture, and multi-disciplinary thinking to their work. Driven by a desire to move markets, our people are creative problem solvers whose curiosity has them always learning. Our culture encourages them to tackle the hard issues through transparent communication and to be aware of what they don't know.

Our Values

Accountability: we are indeed accountable to collaborate with our clients to produce results (not just a report or a bit of advice). We will take it seriously and focus on what is possible and has the best opportunity of making the best result.

Consistency: we are using our experience, knowledge, and tools for making the best plan to ensure you consistent services and solutions to our clients.

Strengthen trust and Transparency: We work closely with our clients to control and mitigate the business risks that they face every day and ever-changing. This holistic approach results in transparency needed to enable the business to inspire trust and be prepared to act on opportunities.

Credibility: ApoMedika is found and operated on the simple premise, partnership, and commitment to our clients. Our professionals' solid experience in each local market enables us to deliver world-class, independent advice and results at a significantly greater value. .

Our Core Competency

(Expert knowledge of local markets) As we are aware of each local market in the MEA region - their specifics, demand and business environment, we ensure that we take into account all relevant information, threats, and opportunities our partners might encounter.

(Experienced Team) Our team has a wide acquaintance in these markets. Their knowledge and skills make us sure we'll meet our clients' expectations.

(Practical solutions and Effective Strategies) Our team has many years of practical experience in the local market. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to providing our clients with mere facts – we create effective strategies and concrete action practical day to day plan.

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